upskilling your salon staff

Why you should upskill your salon staff

At TNB, we believe that you never stop growing and you never stop learning! Trends are always evolving and new treatments are always being developed. To future proof your salon and give yourself a competitive edge over your competitors, you might need to upskill your salon staff. 

By this we mean providing them the opportunity for further training. There are so many benefits to you and your staff for offering upskilling opportunities including improved staff morale and retention, and you being able to offer a wider range of services at your salon in order to draw in more clients. 

Draw in and keep new talent on staff

By offering continued upskilling opportunities, you will draw in the best talent. People will want to work at your salon as you’re providing development and advancement opportunities. You’ll attract driven and ambitious individuals who want to progress in their career and who are looking to commit to a company long term. 

It’s also a great way to show that you care about your existing employees and there’s something ‘in it for them’ for staying with you. 

Sharpen your competitive edge

As we all know by now, trends and treatments are reaching popularity at alarmingly quick rates at times. It can leave some of us feeling like we’re constantly playing catch up and usually, by the time we’ve trained in one trend, e.g. microblading, the trend has moved on to something else, e.g. brow lamination. By upskilling your staff, you’ll be ready to offer trendy services as and when they reach popularity. You’ll be able to cycle with the trends and stay ahead of your competition. 

How to upskill your salon staff

You need to be smart about your upskilling strategy as some courses can be pretty expensive and you don’t want to waste your money or your employee’s time. 

Identify knowledge gaps in your salon staff

You’ll want to check what your current staff are confident in and where they believe they’ll need more training. You should also consider how you think their performance is and where you believe they need some more training. 

You also need to evaluate where you want your salon to go and what image you’re looking to create. Do you want a salon that offers a wide variety of services or do you want to be a specialised salon full of experts and highly trained colourists (or your profession of choice). 

Once you’ve identified what you’re looking for, you can start looking at training providers. 

In-house training

Before moving employees on to outside training providers, it might be worth creating your own curriculum covering the basics that you can teach. This could consist of refresher courses for experienced stylists and beauticians who may have been out of work due to the pandemic, or in depth courses for any apprentices you have. 

Once your employees have completed this, you can give them the option to move on to more advanced courses provided elsewhere. By asking them to complete in house training first, you’re making sure they’re dedicated to furthering their learning and as a bonus, you can make sure everyone is aware of your policy and procedures. 

Make sure that you provide a few different learning options though. Not everyone learns the same and you may be doing a disservice to some of your employees by making them learn in a style that doesn’t suit them. 

Upskill your salon staff with TNB

TNB is a leading provider of beauty training courses in Kent. Providing a wide range of online and in class courses for all levels, TNB will help upskill your staff and keep you ahead of the competition. 

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