The Dream | Building a Hair & Beauty Business


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Where do you start? Right here.

This workshop and online tutorial guides you through creating a “Vision” of what you wish to achieve.  Once you have this in place it is time to set goals and then plan how you are going to achieve them.  Finally you need to have the right “mindset” to achieve all you have planned.  Here you will dig a little deeper into adapting to a mindset of growth and a positive outlook as well as learning a little more about your own strengths and weaknesses.

Once you have completed this Lesson you will be ready and focussed to start the journey to creating your dream.

Workshop Date – 2nd March 2019

Workshop Time & Date Monday 2nd March 9:30am, 4th May 2020, 6th July 2020, 7th September 2020, 2nd November 2020

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