Preparing to run a hair & beauty business

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<b>Preparing to run a hair & beauty business</b>

So you have trained in several treatments, practiced on several family and friends but don’t have a real clue on how to run a successful Hair & Beauty business. Why not learn from mentors who have both run several successful Hair, Nail and Beauty salons and can help you master the pit falls before they happen ensuring your business grows to its full potential. TNB Hair Nail and Beauty directors have put this programme together to help you do just that after employing numerous members of staff & earning considerable income from both their salons and now want to help you to achieve this too.

This Course has been specially designed to enable you to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding required to be a successful beauty therapy or hairdressing entrepreneur, including an awareness of the benefits and risks involved in running your own business. You will also gain an in-depth theoretical knowledge of the laws and regulations in your region which will impact on setting up and running a hair or beauty therapy business. The aim of this course is to develop your knowledge and understanding of the challenges, risks and responsibilities of running a hair and beauty business. You will learn about the skills and abilities needed to run a business, as well as regulatory and legislative requirements for running a salon business including marketing your business to the right clientele.

<b>Book your Preparing to run a hair & beauty business today!</b>

Qualification: TNB Diploma or upgrade to The VTCT Level 2 Award in Preparing to a Hair and Beauty Business
Requirements: No previous experience required
Price: £99.00 or VTCT upgrade £120.00
Deposit Option: £50
Duration: Day Course (Practical completed at Training centre - Theory online)
Class Size: 4 to 8

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