Getting Known | Building a Hair & Beauty Business

£600.00 + vat

How can you get known and build a hair & beauty clientele? Right here.

This workshop and online tutorial guides you through “Marketing” (how to make the phone ring) and Sales (convert those callers to clients).  We will cover how to find and attract perfect clients as well as being able to turn them into loyal repeat clients.  We will review all the social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. It will educate you on what you need to know to ensure you don’t make costly mistakes and get you fast-tracked to building up a following.

12 Workshops over 12 months, once a month. With Jennifer-Lousie – The Successful Salon Mentor. A regular in clubhouse, award winning salon, published author & instagram influencer with over 31,000 followers @jennifer1louise

Workshop date: Tuesday 3rd March 2020, 4th August 2020

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