Microblading Beginner – Level 4 VTCT Certificate in Microblading Techniques

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Change your life and start an amazing new career! Learn how to create flawless hair stroke eyebrows and ombre eyebrows for your clients. Our beginners course covers both techniques. You will learn everything you need to know to break into this industry as our classes are small and professional. This Micro blading and Ombre training course has a good balance of theory and practical modules on both practice materials and live models. You will also learn how to combine both techniques together.

Indre is a highly experienced, friendly and approachable professional. She has learned Micro blading during Liucija Penkauskiene training, who is 3rd place winner of World Championship of Micro blading 2016 and International Permanent make -up championship’s judge. After being in the industry for many years and running her successful salon “Gorgeous Eyes”, Indre’s teaching style will fill students with confidence and knowledge.

This course is accredited by the insurance company ABT which allows you to use this treatment on the general public and charge for these treatments once attended. No previous experience is required to attend.

Learning outcomes

  • Presentation and Theory
  • Consent forms
  • Anatomy & Physiology Structure of the skin and skin tones
  • Allergies and contraindications
  • Colour Theory & Pigment selection
  • Health & Safety, Clinic set up, local council requirements and hygiene
  • Understanding different tools and needles
  • Measuring & drawing brows
  • Step by step planning of treatment
  • Procedure of Micro Blading & Ombre Brows
  • We have a maximum of between 2-4 on each course so you benefit from through and in-depth training we also offer ongoing support once complete

You will be required to complete case studies in both written and practical assignments at home and on the two day course you will be assessed on a client for your first assessment then the remaining assessments will be scheduled for a day for when you have completed and perfected drawing brow on leather as home study If for any reason you return to the training centre and your assessor does not yet find you competent further visits  will be arranged for additional training to ensure you reach the standards and feel totally confident in what you are doing

Course Duration

The initial course is completed in 2 days intensive workshop. A further 2 or more days for models and assessment sessions will be scheduled within 3 months of the start of the course. For most learners the course duration usually takes about 6 months depending on completion of case studies & learner’s confidence.

Qualification: VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Enhancing Eyebrows using Micro-blading techniques
Requirements: No previous experience required
Price: £2400 (finance available please ask for details)
Duration: 2 Day Course initially with homework and case studies and returning for assessments
Notes Practical completed at Training center - Theory onlineYou will need to supply a model for this course please discuss with our learner engagement team when booking this course for times & days they need to attendThere are currently a lot of training centers that are now offering in –house qualifications which will not enable therapist to gain a license with local authorities and councils & are gradually tightening up the requirements to be able to offer these treatments & therefore the L4 Qualification will soon become the only qualification that most authorities will accept for you to be able to offer this qualification & gain a license to practiceOne of the first training centers in Kent to offer this Level 4 qualification. They are currently offering this service in their own salons & can relate to all your concerns and fearsIt is very important to make sure you have the right qualifications and the VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Enhancing Eyebrows using Micro-blading techniques is a recognized qualification, both in the UK and Worldwide and is seen as the highest standard you can reach with certification & in time we believe this will be mandatory for both licensing and insurance to hold a nationally recognized Level 4 qualification before you are able to practice micro-pigmentation of any kind.
Choose Course Date: I will choose later, 3rd & 4th of May, 29th & 30th of May, 7th & 8th of June, 26th & 27th of June, 5th & 6th of July, 31st July & 1st of August, 6th & 7th of September, 25th & 26th of September, 4th & 5th of October, 30th & 31st of October, 8th & 9th of November, 27th & 28th of November, 6th & 7th of December

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