Beginner Gel Nails Extensions Kit – includes Sculpturing Gel

£95.99 + vat


1 x UV Gel Clear 30g,

1 x UV Gel Pink 30g

1 x Hollywood White 5g

1 x  UV Gel Wipe off Solution

1 x  Sterilising Spray 60ml

1 x  Sterilising Gel 60ml

6” Manicure Sticks

Nail Fresh 100ml

Lint Free Pads

Nail Glue 3g,

20 Olympic Assorted Tips

20 Active Assorted Tips

20 Ultra Assorted Tips

20 Big C Assorted Tips

20 French White Competition Assorted Tip

20 Natural Competition Assorted Tips

Tip Blender 15ml

Pink Tip Cutters

Duraboard 240/240

White Block

Duraboard 100/180

Jumbo Buffer

Primer Pen

Cuticle Pusher

No 5 Flat Gel Brush

UV Gel Lamp (Black)

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