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Opening a Successful Home Beauty Business

Anyone can set up a home beauty business, you don’t always need a lot of kit, and if you’re confident in your ability you’re good to go.    For some people a home beauty business is the dream job, or even side-income.  The ability to work when you want and how you want can be very tantalising; in fact every year thousands of people go it alone.  Some start small offering treatments to friends and family, others go on to make an excellent source of income for themselves, even expanding to rented rooms in salons, or their own premises.

What does it take to open a successful home beauty business?

Get qualified

Surprisingly, there’s usually no legal requirement for qualifications to be able to practice most beauty treatments! This may seem attractive for anyone to get started with their own business quickly and easily but if you want to offer a professional service, achieve long-term success, obtain insurance to protect you should anything go wrong and often to meet the requirement to register as a beauty business with your Local Authority, you need to complete a beauty course.

Even if you are confident in your ability, that’s besides the point.  Customers will take confidence in knowing you’re qualified for the job; some people won’t mind if you’re qualified or not, but others will, are you prepared to miss out on these customers?

There’s more to be gained from beauty courses than simply how to make someone look more beautiful.  You can learn things like what to do if a customer experiences a reaction, general health and safety, aftercare, even helpful information on running a beauty business.

Offer different treatments

There can be a lot of competition with beauty treatments, this can make it difficult to get enough business from one treatment alone.  Your town may have dozens of nail technicians, but not as many people offering semi-permanent makeup for instance.

If you offer more than one treatment then you open up additional income streams.  You can pick up additional skills inexpensively with short one day courses, some can even be completed online.  A lot of services can be offered with minimal extra equipment needed.  Consider trends and what fewer therapists might be offering, such as micro-blading.

Don’t be a stranger

With any local business, home based especially, trust is key.  Potential customers will be far more likely to choose you if they can see you’re a real business, or even a real person.    In any marketing you do, particularly online, real photos are key to success.  Real photos leave no doubt you’re a proper beauty business, don’t simply settle just for stock photos of nail colours or cosmetic products; real photos can make a massive difference.

If you don’t want to show yourself online, show your set-up.  Where will people come for treatments?  If you’re not prepared to show that then why?  To run a successful home beauty business you need to be confident in your set-up.  Invest in making your treatment room a desirable place to be and you’re on your way to running a successful home beauty business.

Don’t just be online, thrive online

It’s almost second nature to look up local businesses online.  But if you want to be successful, you can’t just tick a box and be online, you need to invest a little time and thrive online.  Without a doubt the first place most people look is Google, you can get your home business on Google with a website, or simply using a Google my Business listing (which is free).

Have you ever noticed those star ratings in a Google search?  They’re a pretty big deal, would you bother calling a beauty salon with no reviews instead of one with 5 reviews, 10 reviews or 15 reviews?

Years ago good customer service lead to word of mouth referrals and that’s how businesses grew.  That still happens but it’s slow and you can’t rely on it to propel you to success.  Today people look to reviews for guidance; the most successful beauty businesses often far surpass the rest when it comes to online reviews.  A little word of advice, writing a review requires more effort than passing a comment about a great beautician to a friend.  Never assume that anyone will review your beauty service online unless you ask them to.

The beauty businesses that thrive online are those that take their reputation seriously and make an effort to make sure people know it.

Earn from Home

Running a beauty business from home can be lucrative, especially if you have a passion for providing the treatments your clients want.

With the average beauty treatment costing around £45 for as little as 30 minutes you will soon be on you way to a great income.

It might seem a little daunting to manage your earnings, but don’t worry, if you need help once you start to grow, an accountant will guide you through everything you need to know.

To learn more about building and growing a hair and beauty business, take a look at the beauty business courses offered by TNB Skills Training.

Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming articles on running your own beauty business and what it takes to have success.

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