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New year New You – Part Two

My name is Sarah Abel originally owner of 3 salons to include Tan Express, TNB Nails & beauty Folkestone and That Nail Place & TNB Hair & Beauty in Ramsgate now the owner of TNB Skills training & TNB Hair Nails & Beauty Ltd I thought I would share my story with you.

Hopefully, you have read the first part of my story but if not click here. Hopefully my story we go on to aspire you to create your own business or change your career or take that next step in your business!

As I said last week after 3 months the majority of my clientele followed the self-employed nail technician to her new salon and I was left with very few clients but as I already had left my job I had no choice but to soldier on as it was make or break so after I had a bit of pity party this is exactly what I did. I put an advert out for a nail technician but it only seemed to attract inexperienced technicians and after trialing them for a couple of weeks I realised it was not going to be easy to find an reliable and trained talented nail tech so the only person I could think of was my husband who worked shifts that I knew had the same goals as me and I could totally trust although at first he laughed in my face saying there was no way he would do nails but was happy to do body piercing and would do nail repairs if I taught him on his days off. So this is what I did first. l as sent him on a body piercing course in London & employed a part-time receptionist to help me as my clientele was building & I was so busy. After a couple of months, my husband was getting busy with piercing as well as helping me to prep nails, such as putting tips on and buffing out afterwards. So I suggested we would be better off he gave his job and worked full-time in the salon as we could make more money than his current job on Euro Tunnel. After a lot of groveling, He finally agreed and came to work in the salon and we worked as a partnership for about a year. Our clients seemed to love the banter he would give always taking the Micky out of me and telling clients that the only reason he did nails was “that his wife made him and that he hated doing it” (although he was really good at them). I think everyone thought he was joking but he really meant it!! So I managed to stay in business in my first year and again we started turning work away that we could not fit in so the following Xmas my receptionist suggested I train her to do the repairs and & followed the same training as I had when I trained my hubby to help us out. This is exactly what I did and the rest is history over the next 5 years I trained all my staff most starting as receptionists but these ladies gradually left and went on to have their own beauty or nail successful businesses this is when I had an idea why not start a training school so in 2008 I started TNB Hair & Beauty Academy.

I approached a local college and training provider and this is when I found out about the apprenticeship scheme & how my business could benefit from firstly taking on an apprentice as wells as upskilling my current staff in hair & beauty treatments using the scheme. The great thing about the scheme is that the hair beauty & nail courses are mainly fully funded unless you are aged 19+ where the employer needs to pay 5% contribution but dependent on other skills already this would only be a maximum of £350 for hair or beauty and £175 for Nails and can be reduced after initial assessment but instead of only learning one thing (if you privately paid for it) they will learn a lot of additional skills and the new apprenticeship standard now enables staff to achieve a pass or distinction and is of a lot higher standard than a L2 diploma or L3 Diplomas achieved at college as each apprentice has to demonstrate at the end of the programme that they are commercially viable and producing income for the salon in the treatments or services they have learned. So in the first year, I took on two apprentices who had Level 2 Beauty Therapy and an apprentice who already had L3 Beauty therapy and put them on the L2 Nails service apprenticeship to learn new skills & trained as well as training as a tutor/assessor so I could deliver the qualification. My business went from strength to strength and I then took over Tan Express and did the same in there as well as buying a bigger salon in Guildhall street and we started our training centre and duplicated what I had done in my salon but offering the training to other salons and this was the start of TNB Skills Training originally TNB Hair & Beauty Academy. I bought a Hair Salon in Ramsgate in 2013 and started delivering Hair apprenticeships as well and from there we have grown and grown. In 2015 I decided to sell my salon in Ramsgate as I was so busy and wanted to reduce my working hours and I finally work when I want to instead of having too. I now enjoy a lifestyle where I get to holiday 5-6 times a year and get to spend quality time with my family and now are enjoying others to start their journey I was 37 when I owned my first salon so it’s never too late. My goal in 2020 is to help as many people I can in mentoring them to achieve in their beauty hair dreams from mobile therapists to people wanting to own a chain of salons.

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