Most popular online beauty courses in 2020

There’s never been a better time to complete an online beauty course in the UK.  With no ability to go out and socialize, amid the Coronavirus shutdown, many of us are taking advantage of the extra time to learn and gain new skills online.

For anyone looking to make something out of the beauty, hair and nails industry, whether it’s earning an extra income, or progressing a career path, online courses present a flexible, affordable opportunity.

Online learning is receiving significant interest at the moment.  In beauty there’s a very wide variety of courses are available online, and many of which offer accreditation as well.  Some of the most popular courses being taken include:

Acrylic nail courses

Acrylic nails are a good earner for nail technicians.  They are the most common type of nail treatment requested by customers making up around 50% of the nail market in the UK.

An online nail course teaches you about the process of applying acrylic nails, blending techniques and advice for aftercare among other skills.  Acrylic nail courses can be accredited to diploma level and similar. If you have a wider interest in nails and are interested in offering gel nails, manicures, etc. then you may consider a full level 2 VCTC course.   This is the most popular level that people train to in the UK and offers a good foundation for a career in nails or beauty.


Gel polish nail courses

Demand for gel polish treatments is high and learning how to professionally apply them is valuable for any nail technician.  Their high-gloss shine finish,  no edge-wear, chips, scratching or dulling makes them very popular for those who want great looking, reliable nails they don’t have to think much about.  The fast drying time makes gel polish a quick and cost-effective service to offer and gain some additional income.


Eyelash extensions

After nails, eyelash extensions are the second most popular treatment in salons according to The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists.  Eyelash extensions have grown in popularity and are a sought after treatment that can be a good earner after completing an online course.


Salon management 

Thousands of people start beauty businesses every year, often without previous knowledge or experience, and while some thrive and others struggle, many salon owners agree that they can benefit from some form of business training.  

Salon management courses are popular online as much of the content involves theory which can be learned flexibly between running the business.   Though it’s not just existing salon managers that take these courses, aspiring salon owners will benefit significantly from the comprehensive course materials too.

These courses range from the VTCT Level 2 in Preparing to Run a Hair and Beauty Business right up to the VTCT Level 4 Diploma in Salon Management for those who already have more experience and staff to manage. They can teach all areas required to run a successful beauty business, such as growing and maintaining a workforce, adhering to health and safety, getting more sales, the right management skills for a salon owner and more.


Makeup courses

You only have to search YouTube to see just how big online makeup training is.  Millions of women in the UK have watched these makeup tutorials, and large numbers have also taken the more formal route getting accredited with an online course.  These courses provide the theoretical knowledge to safely practice to an industry standard and offer makeup services to paying clients.


Hairdressing courses

Hairdressing has long been the leader of the industry when it comes to education and people wishing to enter the market.  Traditionally hairdressers learn their craft over a number of years and courses in the past have required a significant commitment.  But while hairdressing requires much practice and knowledge to get right, it hasn’t stopped it from becoming available to learn online. 

Online hairdressing courses often act as more of an introduction to hairdressing, or as a focus on specific areas such as hair extensions, bridal hair or bouncy blow dry techniques.

For anyone who has an interest in hairdressing but isn’t sure whether to commit to a more formal course, an online course may be a good introduction and way to see if it really is right for them.  An online course can give enough foundational knowledge to start practising on family and friends too.


Bouncy blow dry courses

The art of blow drying has firmly found itself back in fashion within the past few years. Bouncy blow courses are perfect for hairdressers and beginners to learn how to create long-lasting volume and curls for clients who are seeking a professional salon look.  Online courses teach you a variety of blow dry techniques for short, medium and long hair, straight and curly.  Learn about smoothing, styling, brush and curl sizes, use of products and more to create a variety of looks that cater to clients desires and create beautiful results.

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