Is it hard to become a microblading artist?

Microblading is a trend that has taken the beauty world by storm. This procedure involves using a tattooer’s tool to shape and fill in eyebrows, giving them their perfect arch and no more bushy caterpillars!

But how does one become certified in this lucrative industry? Let’s find out together…

How hard is it become a microblading artist?

Learning to become a microblading technician requires a step by step approach. It might seem a bit scary to be tattooing semi- permanent on someone’s face but with the right training school, you will feel confident to create beautiful brows every time.

Whilst we wouldn’t describe microblading as really easy, oftentimes students will think they are not able to complete the desired look for their client’s but with the right attitude, dedication and support from your microblading training provider, it can be a very rewarding career and allow you to step away from the 9-5 if you choose to.

Who is a microblading course for?

Whether you are new to the beauty industry or are well established, learning to become a microblading artist is for anyone that has a passion for providing beautifying treatments for their clients.

What would a microblading course cover?

As well as learning the techniques to provide microblading you will also cover

  • Anatomy and physiology to gain an understanding of the delicate eye area.
  • Measuring and drawing brows for pre-treatment
  • Understanding of the tools and needles used to create stunning brows for your clients.

What could You earn as a microblading technician?

In Kent, the average cost of a microblading session is between £250 to £400, what’s more, the treatment requires 4-6 weekly tops ups which can be factored in or out of your pricing.

Are you thinking about learning microblading? TNB skills training provide microblading courses up to level 4 VTCT certified. All of our microblading courses are ABT or VTCT certified and consist of 4 learners or less to ensure dedicated instruction learning.

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