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How to Promote Your Beauty Business Online

So how can you promote your own beauty business or at home beauty services? And what should you do first? Here we look at three key areas where you could start promoting yourself online….

1. Arrange a website to promote your beauty business 

The internet has revolutionised our lives in so many ways, but it also offers businesses like yours access to a whole host of opportunities. When done in the right way a website will give your brand authority & having your treatments available online in a clear and easily accessible way means your clients can not only find you but they are aware of whether they fit into your price range.

When employing a web designer think about what information you would like to get across. What makes you different and why should clients choose you.

A website is also a great place to post reviews from previous clients, potential users often take action based on testimonials and good reviews so it is important to showcase them when you can. 

When you create a website that you may need to invest in SEO (Search engine optimisation) in order to get your business found on Google. This is a complex process and whilst there are some things you can do yourself to improve your positioning, eg. writing blogs, you may need to employ a digital marketing company to assist you. 

2. Google my Business 

Google my business provides a platform for all of your business information in one place, making it easy for clients to find your location through google maps, you can also link to your website and can encourage your clients to leave reviews here which is great for google rankings.

3. Social Media to promote your beauty business

Social media has become one of the most effective ways to promote yourself or your business. It allows you to connect with potential customers directly, share information about products and services & build relationships with clients.

– Facebook 

Facebook is a great way to get your beauty business in front of people and whilst you will need to work hard to build a following you can invest in paid ads. The advantage of this type of ad is you can specify your audience and target the demographic that may use your services. 

– Instagram 

As of January 2020, Instagram reached 1 billion users! That’s a potential one million people to see your content and consider themselves a client of yours. It’s important to remember that that Instagram is a visual platform, so to succeed there you need to consider how your feed looks and concentrate on high quality images. This is a great place to showcase what you can do and again you can target your audience through #hashtags.

We would recommend using a hashtag research tool like https://ingramer.com/tools/instagram-hashtag-generator/ which will  tell you the most popular tags for your niche. 

– TikTok 

Unleash your brands creative side, TicTok allows great insight into the faces behind the business, whilst it can be daunting to put yourself out there you will find so many ways you can create content, these could be snippets of what you do, imitations of viral trends or comedic videos.

Effectively anything that showcases the personality of your business is going to be a good thing. 

– Reels 

Instagram’s version of TikTok, record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects. You can share your reels with your followers on your feed and make them available to the wider Instagram again through hashtags.  

Overall the more online presence you have, the more chance you have of potential clients seeing what you have to offer.

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