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How to grow your salon team

How to grow your salon team

When you need to grow your salon team, it can be an incredibly exciting time! You get to meet loads of new people, see their skills and foster relationships for the future. You may be at a bit of a loss though as to how you’re actually meant to go about doing this; you probably don’t have a HR team you can delegate the task to. I’ll take you through the most popular solutions to growing your team and weighing up the pros and cons!

Job Adverts

Probably the simplest and most effective depending on what you want, posting a job ad such as ‘Full Time Hair Stylist/Beautician/Tanning Expert etc’ is going to hit all of the keywords that the internet needs to push your ad to the appropriate people. Plus you can post ads on multiple platforms such as Indeed, Facebook, Instagram etc to reach a really wide audience.

  • Pros: Wide range of people reached means more selection of candidates, accessible and easy to post
  • Cons: possibly getting a lot of candidates who don’t meet your criteria so you may waste time when going through applications.

Looking through your network

This is a bit more time consuming and as you probably know, freelance artists and beauticians tend to not want to go into salon work. However, think back to that hair convention you went to, did someone catch your eye who mentioned they’re not too happy in their current position? Looking through your network is slightly more time consuming initially but you definitely save time when looking through applications late, plus you know that the people you’re making an offer to already have the desired skill set and you’ve probably already seen their work/work ethic.

  • Pros: you know the applicants skill level already, possibly quicker if you get a ‘yes’ straight away
    Cons: Prepare for rejections, can take a while if you’re asking people who are happy with their current position

Consider taking on an apprentice

If you have the time available, an apprentice can be a great way to increase your team! You’ll work with them to foster their entrance into the industry and watch their skills grow as a direct result of your training. You only need to pay them an apprentice’s wage (although we advise paying all of your staff fair wages) but they can be quite time consuming as you’ll need to check their work and dedicate time to train them.

  • Pros: you’re adding to the industry by training someone, you’ll train them in your style
  • Cons: time consuming whilst in training, not a good fix if you need experienced staff asap

Rent out your salon space

As with most salons, you can rent out the space in your salon to freelance hairdressers and beauticians. This can be beneficial because you don’t need to go through the process of hiring them or paying them and they pay you in ‘rent’. However, you lose control of the clients that come through your salon and also the treatments offered.

  • Pros: they pay you, no lengthy hiring process, no wages to sort out
  • Cons: lose control of clients and treatments

When you’re considering expanding your team, it’s always important to think about how much time you have to find a new team member and what skill level is needed. If you have a lot of time to train them up then an apprentice could be a great option, but if you need experienced staff that you want to hire directly and be employed by you, then traditional job adverts would be best!


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