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How to Become a Microblading Artist in the UK


The beauty industry is a diverse place, but to establish your reputation as a high-quality professional, you need to be properly trained and choose your services wisely. One area that has continued to thrive is eyebrow treatments and more recently microblading. Enrolling on a microblading course is a great option for someone breaking into the industry or wanting to expand their treatment list, and once you’re trained you’ll be surprised how popular this kind of service can be!

Here’s all you need to know about becoming a microblading artist in the UK:


What is microblading?

Over the last few years, the world of brows has really made its mark on the beauty industry. Microblading is one method that can help clients achieve the perfect brows with long-lasting results that perfectly from their face. As a type of eyebrow architecture, the method involves semi-permanent tattooing to create feather-like strokes that blend in with the natural brow. The brow shape is carefully drawn out based on the clients’ requirements and face shape, before the brows and threaded, filled in using the needling process and tinted. Top up sessions are usually scheduled for 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment and the final results can last anywhere between 12-18months.

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What does a microblading course involve?

Microblading courses can be attended by complete beginners or those with experience in eyebrow treatments. The course structure includes safety training, theoretical work and practical assessments so by the end you’ll be fully equipped to begin your career as a professional microblading expert. Since microblading is a bespoke service for every client, you will learn about how to work on different skin tones, provide correct measurements and match the right colours. These skills will be tested on practice skin before you move on to live models.


Why enroll?

Microblading is a great place to start in the beauty industry as brow treatments are in demand by all ages. Microblading has grown in popularity as it’s a bespoke service that’s colour matched to your skin tone and face shape, yet the results still look beautifully natural. However, not many beauticians are trained in this area compared to other brow services so it’s a great market to get into and very easy to establish recognition. If you want to offer a luxury service to your clients, microblading can draw in a whole different clientele and help you grow your business from strength to strength. Today people are interested in investment treatments and microblading provides long-term results that look amazing. Brows are one area that will help you gain loyal clients once you put your training in to practice.

Sound like the right course for you? At TNB Skills Training, we offer a range of microblading courses from our training facility in Folkestone, Kent. Run by highly qualified experts, you will learn everything you need to know in our small yet professional classes. Find out more about our microblading courses today.

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