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TNB Team Leader & Supervisor  – Level 3


We have broken this course down into TEN UNITS  of work.  We will release one UNIT per month or every 30 days.  We have numbered these Lessons MONTH ONE, MONTH TWO etc.

To complete this course you require your own copy of  “Pearson Team Leader / Supervisor Handbook Level 3“.

Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Book Cover

EBOOK –  This can be purchased as an online “e-book” rented for a year for around £12 or a lifetime for around £20, you can also get digital/e-book copies on Kindle.  Have a look here for an E-BOOK a DIGITAL copy of the HANDBOOK.

HARDCOPY – You can purchase an online copy from various websites Amazon, Blackwells, etc for about £25.65.

Please ensure you get a copy of the latest version with the front cover the same as the image on the left.  We will be referring to this book throughout this online course so it is imperative that you have this prior to starting the works.



You can download a copy of this Students Guide and also a Glossary of Level 3 Assessment terms from the “materials” tab at the top of the page.

Your assessor will provide you with feedback on your work throughout the programme on a regular basis.

Let’s get started with MONTH ONE


Here is the Student Info - Download and keep a copy.



Here is a copy of the Glossary of Assessment Terms for a Level 3 qualification

TNB Team Leader - Glossary Assessment Terms Level 3


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