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Considering A Beauty Apprenticeship?

Whether you’re just entering the workforce, or you’re looking for a career change, a beauty apprenticeship can be a great option for you! Like with anything, you need to weigh up your options. You could go to college or university, study in full time education and then enter the workforce, or you can apply for an apprenticeship. You get to learn while being paid and gaining valuable work experience. We’re going to go over 5 of the top reasons why being an apprentice is a great opportunity and why you should seriously consider it!

1. You learn on the job

By learning on the job, you’re speeding up your entry into skilled work. Instead of going down the academic route and then needing to find on the job experience, you’ll learn while you work. Plus, if you’re not kept on after your apprenticeship ends, employers will value your on the job experience.

2. You get paid!

A big draw to potential apprentices is that not only is your training fully paid for, but you also get paid while you learn. Your wage will depend on the apprentice minimum wage at the time for your age, but some employers will pay above the minimum wage for the right apprentice!

3. Get your foot in the door

As an apprentice you’ll be able to start building your network from the get-go! Most salons will take on an apprentice with the goal to keep them on as a member of staff afterwards. But in the case that you’re not kept on, you should have a great network of potential business owners and future employers. 

You’ll gain qualifications during your beauty apprenticeship

Another key benefit to apprenticeships is that you still get to earn qualifications. You’ll get apprentice level qualifications and can go right up to level 5 which is equivalent to a degree! You can tailor your qualifications to what you need and go to the level you want to. This will set you up for the future if and when you choose to leave your apprenticeship salon. It’s a great opportunity to learn while you earn. 

5. Beauty apprenticeships are no major commitment

Most apprentices will be those of you who are either coming into the workforce for the first time or you’re looking to dip your toe into a new field. Doing an apprenticeship will allow you to experience the beauty sector and check that it’s a good fit for you before you make a large commitment. Sometimes things just don’t work out or it doesn’t click, by doing a beauty apprenticeship, there’s no monetary or contractual commitment to keep you there if you realise it’s not for you. 

Are you a salon owner and considering taking on an apprentice? Check out are article where we discuss our top 5 reasons why you should take on a beauty apprentice!

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