Best Beauty Treatment to Train in for 2020

If you’re looking to up your income selling beauty treatments in 2020, one of the most in-demand and cost-effective treatments to train in is micro-blading.   You can charge more than many other cosmetics and can get started relatively quickly.

Micro-blading is a semi-permanent treatment for eyebrows.  It caters to the huge market for eyebrow care and semi-permanent makeup.

The procedure is reminiscent of tattooing, whereby the beautician creates tiny incisions in the eyebrow with hair like strokes, though the results are not permanent.   Micro-blading is especially good at providing a natural eyebrow appearance, and it works well for people of all ages – so there’s a potential for a wide client base.

Why learn micro-blading?

Micro-blading is a procedure high in demand.  A study in 2015 found that women spend on average £200-£300 per year on their eyebrows (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology).  But more than this, there’s a growing demand for semi-permanent treatments. The world is an ever-busier place and people are looking for ways to simplify things, especially in 2020.

Micro-blading falls perfectly into the market of semi-permanent makeup which has been growing in popularity among people who wish to save time and energy over applying cosmetics or maintaining their brows.  The convenience appeals to a wide range of people: young, mature and in-between.

Micro-blading is not a fad either.  Naturally looking brows aren’t something that people are simply going to stop wanting; natural brows aren’t a seasonal trend.

In addition to being desirable to clients, micro-blading is attracting to beauticians, with low start-up costs, no formal qualifications required and non-complex training to get started.

The costs of a micro-blading course and initial equipment can be recovered within a few treatments.

Earn from follow-up treatments

Micro-blading usually lasts 15-18 months, however clients may want a follow-up appointment after the first 3 months to top up and fill in any gaps where pigments haven’t taken or healed properly.   It’s not a treatment that brings clients back month after month, but compared with nails, hair and other cosmetic treatments you can charge a lot more. Micro-blading fees range from £100-£500, often including follow-up sessions.

Micro-blading is something that you could definitely specialise in for 2020; for some beauticians it may be another service to add to their portfolio.  It depends a little on whether you plan to offer the service part-time or full-time and the location you are in.

If you’re not sure whether to learn micro-blading or not, one way to help you decide is if you already have a skill for nails or artistry for instance; anything that requires a steady hand.  This isn’t to say that you need the years of experience and dedication of a tattoo artist, though you do certainly need patience and a careful hand.

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