Are you thinking of starting a career in Microblading and what are the advantages? 

I speak to lots of ladies every month who are either fed up with their career or mums who have had children and would prefer not to return to their old occupation. They would love to start their own business or potentially need to earn more money but are in a catch twenty two situation where they are busy with a family with little or no time and/or a job or career that generates low income and they need careers that offer them flexibility whilst generating a larger income stream. Does that sound like you?

So why would starting a microblading business in 2020 help you to achieve a flexible career that works around all of the above and gives you the opportunity to change your lifestyle as well as opportunities to start your career anywhere in the world?
Eyebrows are now big business across the world. According to Mintel, 56% of Chinese make-up wearers use eyebrow definer on a daily basis, while half of US women use an eyebrow pencil. In addition, market research company NPD found that British women spend £200 on average a year on eyebrow grooming, so it’s safe to say there’s an open and ready market for eyebrow-related beauty services.

The National Hair & Beauty Federation reported hairdressers, barbershops and beauty salons to be in the top ten for the most popular business start-ups. What’s more, 53% of people working in the beauty industry are self-employed, suggesting that a move into a beauty business is very ‘doable’ on a freelance basis.

Both Julie and myself, the directors of TNB, have owned very successful hair, beauty and nail salons and did not start our businesses until we were in our late 30s. We have since taught 100s of people how to start their own businesses, including women in their early 50s nearing the end of their career.  So why not give us a call to find out how we can help mentor you whilst building a microblading business to achieve all of the above.

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