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Since starting my business in 2001 I have often heard people say how lucky I am to own my own business but it certainly has not always been easy. Over the next few months, I will explain my journey & how I believe my success has come from pure persistence and resilience. Hopefully, you will see anyone can do this if you have a passion all you need is a dream & it will truly work.

As a child, I lost my dad when I was 7 when he ended his life after my mum was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis. As I was the oldest I grew up as a childcarer looking after my mum & younger sister. I now believe that my early childhood taught me not to take anything for granted & that you have one life so to go for your dreams.

To be honest, I was never that clever at school I managed to get a few exams but was always mediocre at school and when my mum was admitted to hospital permanently as her illness progressed I went to live with my grandparents at 15. I lived with them for 3 years. In this time they encouraged me to train as a nurse there though is that as I had cared for my mum that this was the career for me. In their words “I was better at practical things and not good at academic things”

So at 17 I enrolled at college to complete a pre-nursing qualification but this lasted just 6 months after I decided this was not the career for me. I found an office job, which I hated however paid the bills & once I was working full-time I moved out of home to live with my boyfriend. I turned 21 in December 1984 and my mum passed away from Pneumonia the following month. This prompted my then-boyfriend & I to get married because life is just so short however I continued to move to all different types of jobs but never felt fulfilled.

At 24 I had my first child and my second at 27. I loved being a mum but always wanted to do something for myself. I tried all sorts of businesses selling children’s clothes, dried flower arranging to jewellery parties and network marketing but none of these things worked out however but taught me so much.

Eventually, once my kids were at school I went to work for a cosmetic company selling beauty products & teaching other women how to build a profitable business & and settled for 5 years. I loved helping & training other people on how to sell but deep down I always wanted to work for myself, not for other people. So at Xmas 2001 I walked into That Nail Place for my monthly nail appointment & found out the owners were moving to Spain & were selling the business. I went home and spoke to my husband and we agreed that if I trained as a nail technician over the next 3-4 months I would buy their customer base and leave my job. I did this for 3 months working part-time in the salon to learn how to do nails as well as working in my other job. Once qualified In April 2001 the owners moved to Spain and I officially took over the business and took on a self-employed Nail Technician to help me. However, I was not that good at nails as only recently trained and within 3 months the nail technician left taking the majority of my clientele with her but by this time I had given up my full-time job and had no other choice to carry on!

Look out for next week’s newsletter for the next stage of my story.

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