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8 Unique Careers in the Hair & Beauty Industry

unique jobs to do with hair and beauty training

Have you ever thought about pursuing a career in the hair or beauty industry? It’s likely you wanted to get a job that is popular or well known. For instance, a hair stylist that works in a salon or a makeup artist that works inside of a beauty store.  Some people decide to start their own business selling hair or beauty products. All of those are great career choices, but it’s always good to learn about other jobs that you tend to overlook. Who knows, you might end up changing your dream career!


Let’s get into unique careers in the hair & beauty field

1. Runway Hair Stylist

If you love doing hair but also love the fashion-like environment, you should consider being a runway hair stylist. You will be responsible for doing the models’ hair. This is a pretty busy job, it can even be challenging sometimes but overall, it’s a fun experience. Plus, it’ll be very rewarding to see your hairstyles on fashion models walking the runway.


2. Cruise Ship Hair Stylist

People want to look good on their vacation so they can post cute selfies on their timeline. You, as a cruise ship hair stylist can make sure that their hair is slayed. This job would be ideal for those who love travelling and socialising with other people. You’ll work with many people from different backgrounds therefore, you’ll learn a lot about different cultures which is a huge benefit!


3. Wigmaker

Wig making seems to be ignored by the hair industry but it’s truly a big part of it. Wigs are on the rise, it has become very popular among young women who are in their early 20s to late 30s. Also, it’s popular in the theatrical industry (films, plays, & television programmes); they always need a wigmaker to create certain styles for their characters. This is definitely a job that I see growing; you might want to look deeper into it if you’re interested in cutting & styling wigs.


4. Platform Hair Stylist

As a platform hair stylist, you will perform on stages at hair events, presenting different techniques, collections, & products. This job requires a lot of confidence; you’ll need to be comfortable showing off your skills in front of large crowds. Also, public speaking would be a great skill to have for this career. If you’re outgoing and bold enough to show off your skills in front of a large audience then being a platform hair stylist is perfect for you!


5. Editorial Stylist

Editorial stylists select wardrobe and accessories to use for publication purposes (advertising campaigns, music videos, live performances, brand photoshoots, e.t.c.) Creativity is a must if you want to pursue this career. If you have the vision, go for it! This is a very exciting job to have.


6. Permanent Makeup Artist

Not everyone wants to wear makeup temporarily. You’d be surprised how many people actually want permanent makeup. Some duties for this job include applying permanent cosmetic products such as mascara or eyeliner, microblading, and applying pigment or a tattoo.


7. Mobile Esthetician

If you’re into skincare and you don’t mind travelling to different locations on a daily basis, then being a mobile aesthetician would be a great career choice for you. Your job will be to provide skin care services such as facial cleansing, skin & body treatments, waxing, and chemical peels.


8. Cosmetic Chemist

This is where science and skincare come together. Cosmetic chemists formulate & develop skincare products for businesses. If you enjoy science and experimenting, I think that being a cosmetic chemist would be a perfect match for you.

If you choose to pursue any of these careers, you’ll never get bored at your job again! It’s funny how the most exciting jobs are the ones that are overlooked. Now that you know about unique jobs in the hair & beauty industry, try doing further research on them and see if any of them would be a perfect match for you.


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