7 Ways to get hair and beauty clients after lockdown

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Want to be sure that you’ve got enough business after lockdown?  Beauty clients are going to want treatments, and they’re going to want to keep treating themselves long-after lock-down ends, we’ve all endured enough!  So how can you be sure that customers come back to you?

Get prepared with these 7 tips for things you can do to attract new beauty clients, and maintain their loyalty!

1. Build up your reputation

Have you seen those adverts that Google put out last year calling for people to support their favourite businesses by writing a Google review?

Most people nowadays are familiar with the star system used by Google for all kinds of businesses, including hair, nail and  skin salons.  If given the choice, a lot of your potential customers will choose the business with the higher rating over the rest.

If you haven’t already, why not give your rating a boost by asking your loyal customers to leave a review for you.

It’s one of those things that tends not to happen a lot, unless you ask; but if you do ask customers you know are loyal and happy, they’ll probably write one for you.

2. Give your Google listing a boost 

When searching for a beauty salon that’s open, that’s trustworthy – most people open their phone and go to Google.  Usually they’ll be greeted with what Google determines the “top 3” in the area.  So it might be the top 3 nail salons, the top 3 hair salons etc.

How does Google decide who gets to go in this top spot?  There’s a whole host of factors at play, and it can pay to hire a Search Engine Optimisation company to help you.  But there are many things you can do to help yourself too:

  1. Make sure your Google my Business listing is claimed and complete: https://business.google.com
  2. Add REAL photos, a description, opening times, and request reviews from customers.  Show that you are a real salon, show the staff and any pictures that help to build trust.
  3. Respond to reviews – it shows that you value your customers and you actively communicate with them.
  4. Create regular “Google Posts” – these show you’re active, and Google likes them.
  5. Be active on social media – Not essential but it can help.  Again make sure that the information here is all filled in and correct.  Such as your phone number, opening times, address, etc..


If your hours have changed, don’t forget to update your GMB (Google my Business) listing.  If you’re open Sundays for instance, and someone searches “Hairdresser open near me” on a Sunday, your business wont show unless your hours are correct.

3. Be true to you

Hair and beauty treatments are very personal.  As beauty clients, many of us build fond relationships with our beauty therapists, we might have a favourite that we like chatting to; it’s all about building good client relationships.  Part of that is about being clear about who you are, so that customers can relate to you and find a place that they can be comfortable to go.   Perhaps you care about animals, the environment and like to use vegan products.

You don’t have to be the same as everyone else.  When you’re clear about who you are, and what makes you special, the right customers will naturally gravitate towards you.

4. Give customers value

Don’t let your communications run stale.  If you haven’t already, use existing social media channels to put out content of value. Quick tips on self-nail care, skin care, hair care etc..  Videos can be great for this, but if you’ve got a website, or even just on Facebook, Instagram etc. you can write short written blogs that explain your top tips too.

5. Get creative with your space.  

Many of us have been forced to think outside the box to keep the money rolling in over the past year.  You could try using your salon space for something other than hair and beauty, perhaps you could bring in fitness or yoga sessions.

6. Identify their problems and propose a solution

Sometimes enough is enough and we take matters into our own hands.  Peeling off gel nails, streaky self-tan, home bikini-wax, DIY eyebrow waxing; they’re all common things that can go wrong and you can step in to fix them.

When you clearly identify these problems, the right customers can clearly identify with you as their solution.  Put out social posts, adverts even, educate customers and provide value in resolving their DIY mistakes.

7. Provide new, “on-trend” services for your beauty clients

It could be as simple as stocking a more sustainable product range; probiotic skincare products, offering “Zoom Face” treatments.  Helping customers to embrace their natural hair.  You could offer something completely different such as hopi ear candles which is quick and easy to learn and start offering.


Looking to offer something new to bring back past customers and attract new ones?  Take a look at our online beauty courses and other courses on our website.

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