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6 eyebrow treatments to keep up with the trends

Your eyebrows are one of the first things people will notice about you! We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 popular eyebrow treatments of 2021 so far!  Eyebrow trends also change so quickly it can be hard to keep up with it; one minute we’re plucking our eyebrows to oblivion and the next, we’re trying to grow them out to be the bushiest eyebrows possible and now we’re coating them in soap and making sure our brows are as feathery as possible! 


dua lipa with soap brows, a popular brow trendThreading, Trimming and Tweezing

Arguably one of the least painful methods of brow treatment, trimming and tweezing your brows allows for small, subtle changes. You or your eyebrow technician will tweeze away the stray hairs and then use eyebrow or small hair scissors to cut the hairs into a uniform length! Threading is the process of using string to essentially tweeze strips off your brow. It makes the process quicker, especially if you have a lot of stray hairs around your brows.

This is the most basic treatment you can find and is the foundation for most other treatments as it allows you to neaten up and shape the brows quickly. 

Trend: This is the first step in most trends, but it’s essential when it comes to soap brows! No dye or pigment is added so you leave with just a nice shape of your natural brow, perfect for soaping up. 

  • Waxing

Waxing is another method of shaping the brow, but this time instead of tweezers or thread, hot or strip wax is applied and pulled off quickly to remove the hair. This can create a harsher look than what is achieved by threading or tweezing which was favoured in the mid 2010’s/

Trend: Due to waxing being able to create higher arches and sharper lines/angles, this will suit anyone who favours the thicker/blocky Instagram brow! Much easier to pomade and create an easier shape to draw over. 

  • Brow Tinting

So you’ve achieved the desired shape of your brow, either by being born naturally gifted with amazing brows, or through threading, tweezing or waxing, but you’re either not happy with the colour or are wanting your brows to look a bit fuller. Enter: Brow Tinting. Usually using vegetable based dyes with diluted peroxides or henna, the tint is applied to your brows for a few minutes before being removed.  

This treatment is usually favoured by people with fair/light hair to bring more definition without needing to do their brows everyday. 

Trend: This trend would probably suit the soap brow/natural brow trend more as it provides a softer look to your brows while making them look fuller by dyeing the lighter hairs. 

  • Microblading

Definitely one of the most expensive forms of eyebrow treatment, microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that lasts for around 12-18 months. It’a woman with a red and pink cut crease eyeshadow look and dark insta brows, a popular brow trends a great solution if you have alopecia or have gone through chemotherapy as your brows are naturally tattooed on by a technician. If you’re worried about the pain, you can ask for a numbing solution to be applied beforehand. This treatment does require some healing time though, around four to six weeks. 

Trend: You can customise the shape and density you want your brows to be so this treatment will suit most trends. It was especially popular when the Insta Brow trend was in full swing.

  • Brow Extensions

Again, a great treatment if you’re struggling with hair loss, brow extensions act much in the same way as eyelash extensions. Surgical-grade adhesive is used to affix the extensions to your brow (you’ll agree the shape and style with your technician beforehand) which creates a natural, full looking brow. 

Unlike with microblading, there is no healing time required and it’s cheaper! But it only lasts around two to four weeks before they’ll need replacing or refilling. 

Trend: much like with microblading, brow extensions will suit most trends, but you don’t want to be disturbing the adhesive with putting product on and then scrubbing it off so this style of treatment will suit someone looking for a natural brow!

  • Brow Lamination

Probably the smelliest eyebrow treatment on the list, brow lamination uses a perming and relaxing solution to help you achieve straight, sleek and fluffy brows! This treatment will suit most people even if you don’t think you have much hair on your brows. Combine this with tinting and you may be able to achieve your desired brow without much work on your part. 

Trend: brow lamination helps people achieve a fluffy brow so would be best suited to those who prefer soap or natural brows! That being said, it can be used to simply keep your brows in shape (like a semi-permanent brow gel) so you could easily use this on Insta worthy brows!

If you’re interested in learning how to provide any of these treatments, you can see our list of courses and training here.

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