why you should hire an apprentice

5 Reasons Why You Should Take On An Apprentice

With the beauty industry bouncing back after the pandemic, now is the best time to start considering taking on an apprentice! There are so many benefits an apprentice can bring you along with government backed schemes and incentives!

Benefits of taking on an apprentice

Incentive Payments

For each new apprentice taken on between 1 August 2020 and 31 January 2021 salons will receive an incentive payment of up to £2,000. This is in addition to the existing £1,000 already provided by the government for new, 16-18 year old apprentices. This money is to help businesses offset the cost of training and providing materials and uniforms.

For apprentices aged over 25, businesses can receive a payment of up to £1,5000.

Hiring an apprentice is win-win

By taking on an apprentice, you are investing in what will hopefully be a new member of staff for your team. They will learn from you and other team members and give you all an opportunity to pass your skills and experience on while you benefit from new talent. Apprentices usually are grateful and stay loyal to the salon that trained them long after they finished training. 

Improve your corporate look

By taking on an apprentice, you’re showing your clients, team and possible investors that not only are you growing, but you’re thriving! Enough so that you have the time to invest in the new generation. 

Apprentices will learn skills directly needed for their job

While being in education can be very beneficial to some people, apprentices learn what is directly needed for their jobs. In education you’ll learn a wider variety of topics, e.g, if you’re studying hair and beauty, you’ll be learning about being a beautician as well as a hairstylist. This is great for experienced stylists or beauticians who are wanting to expand their skill set. But as an employer looking for someone qualified specifically in one or the other, an apprentice may be the best way. 

You can build your own team from the ground up

As we’ve said above, apprentices tend to stay loyal to the salon that trained them. By training an apprentice from the ground up, you’re teaching them your exact processes which they can then pass on to future apprentices. It will help to develop a coaching atmosphere that you can feel confident in and you’ll know you have high calibre staff.

Overall, an apprentice can be an amazing investment for salons and beauty businesses! Not only are the monetary incentives awesome, but you also get to foster a coaching culture and help to build the next generation in your industry!

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